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If you see me around the Gaia RP forums, this is what you can expect:

Her Name: Bennali
Her Age: Twentyish, probably.
Her Species: Human.
Her Height: 5'6"
Her Occupation: Chronic Wanderer
Her Likes: Beer, rain, and seafood.
Her Dislikes: Lager, being wet, and oysters.
Her Skills: See the staff? She never lets it out of her sight. She's more than capable of defending herself with it. She also has a tin whistle (a.k.a. a pennywhistle or an Irish flute) which she can play fairly well.
Her Appearance: Short blond hair, lots of freckles, and a boyish build.
Her Personality: Happy! She's personable and cheerful and optimistic, most of the time, rather childlike in her ways. She babbles, but she means well.

Her Memory: She has no history because she has no memory. Or, at least, a very poor memory. If it's really important, she might be able to hold it for a few months, but that's really all she can do. A lot of things she forgets as soon as she learns. Sometimes, when her mind is unusally sharp, she can remember things from "before," which is how she terms everything that's already happened. She doesn't find it easy remembering things, though, and she hates trying. The gaps in her memory bother her very little. She is happy in the here and now, and doesn't worry about the past or the future.