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Pictures of Sundragyn for the UJ forumfolk. Fear my lame HTML skillz.

This is from Hallowe'en, and it's seriously the most recent picture I have, not counting a few pictures from Christmas where I'm in my pyjamas. I love Hallowe'en. I go absolutely nuts.

This is a few years old. It's from my high school graduation. It's me in my pretty dress, with my hair all done up and I'm so pretty heehee. (Ahem.) The non-KY'd version of my avatar is based on this.

Later the same day. Standing next to my ex-boyfriend on our first date (cropped him out, you don't need to see him). Our parents went absolutely nuts with the camera. I haven't lookd at this picture in a while... it's a pretty good picture, but all those horrid memories of the very long hour in the hairdresser's chair... my hair is usually straight. You can sort of see that in the first picture. It's so curly here...

Yeah, I think that's enough.